Log Message Format

An AMPS log message is composed of the following:

  • Timestamp (an expanded date, such as 2021-11-23T14:49:38.3442510-08:00)

  • AMPS Thread Identifier (the AMPS thread number, such as 1)

  • Log Level (the severity of the message, such as info)

  • Error Identifier (the specific identifier for the message, such as 15-0008)

  • Log Message (descriptive text providing a short message and additional details)

An example of a log line (it will appear on a single line within the log):

2021-11-23T14:49:38.3442510-08:00 [1] info: 00-0015 AMPS initialization completed (0 seconds).

Each log message has a unique identifier of the form CC-NNNN where CC is the category or component within AMPS which is reporting the message and NNNN is the number that uniquely identifies that message within the module. Each logging target allows the direct exclusion and/or inclusion of error messages by identifier. For example, a log file which would include all messages from AMPS startup (category 00) except for 00-0001 and 00-0004 would use the following configuration:


In the above Logging configuration example, all log messages which are at or above the default log level of info will be emitted to the logging target of stdout. The configuration explicitly wants to see configuration messages where the error identifier matches 00-0002. Additionally, the messages which match 00-0001, 00-0004 will be excluded, along with any messages which match the regular expression of 12-1.*.

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