Aggregation and Analytics

AMPS contains a high-performance aggregation engine, which can be used to project one SOW topic onto another, similar to the CREATE VIEW functionality found in most RDBMS software. The aggregation engine can join input from multiple topics, of the same or different message types, and can produce output in different message types.

View topics are part of the AMPS SOW, which means that views support delta subscriptions and out of focus (OOF) tracking. A view can also be used as the underlying topic for another view.

In addition, for the limited cases where a view is not practical, AMPS allows an individual subscription to request aggregation and projection of a single SOW topic.

Notice that the features described in this chapter are designed for cases where an application needs to aggregate data across messages or to perform a calculation on an individual message that should not be preserved as a part of that message.

To modify a message as it is published to AMPS, use preprocessing or enrichment. To simply retrieve a subset of the fields in a message, use select lists.

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