Monitoring AMPS

The AMPS monitoring interface has two distinct components:

  1. A basic monitoring interface that provides statistics for the AMPS instance in common machine-readable formats. This interface also provides administrative functions, such as enabling and disabling transports, disconnecting clients, and upgrading and downgrading replication links.

  2. The AMPS Galvanometer, a browser-based monitoring tool that shows a graphical representation of the statistics for AMPS. The Galvanometer includes the ability to automatically request information about replication message flow from a set of replicated instances and provide information about that message flow across that set of instances. It includes the ability to enter subscriptions and queries and display the results in a grid.

    The AMPS Galvanometer uses the basic monitoring interface for access to AMPS statistics.

This section describes the basics of the monitoring interface. The AMPS Monitoring Guide describes the statistics that AMPS collects in detail.

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