AMPS provides several utilities that are not essential to message processing, but can be helpful in troubleshooting or tuning an AMPS instance.

File Inspection and Search Utilities

The following table lists utilities for inspecting and searching the files created by an AMPS instance.

Submitting Minidump

AMPS will create a minidump file to capture the code execution point of all threads when it determines that a problem may be occurring and this information could be useful for troubleshooting.

The AMPS distribution includes a utility for submitting a minidump to 60East.

Working with Statistics

The AMPS distribution includes utilities for working with the statistics database.

Planning and Informational Utilities

The following table lists utilities for capacity planning and for getting more information about AMPS errors and events.

Minimal Command-Line Client

The AMPS distribution also includes a minimal client for AMPS that can be invoked on the command line. This minimal client does not offer the full range of functionality available through programmatic access (which includes access through python and javascript).

However, this client can be useful for basic diagnostics or simple scripting tasks.

Obsolete Utilities

The AMPS distribution also includes the obsolete amps_upgrade script, provided for backward compatibility purposes for distribution scripts.

It is no longer necessary to run this script for upgrades from AMPS 5.0.0 and later. For upgrades from instances earlier than 5.0.0 to current versions, please contact 60East support for assistance.

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