Subscribe and Publish

AMPS is a rich message delivery system. At the core of the system, the AMPS engine is highly-optimized for publish and subscribe delivery. In this style of messaging, publishers send messages to a message broker (such as AMPS) which then routes and delivers messages to the subscribers. "Pub/Sub" systems, as they are often called, are a key part of most enterprise message buses, where publishers broadcast messages without necessarily knowing all of the subscribers that will receive them. This decoupling of the publishers from the subscribers allows maximum flexibility when adding new data sources or consumers.

AMPS can route messages from publishers to subscribers using a topic identifier and/or content within the message's payload. For example, in the figure above, there is a Publisher sending AMPS a message pertaining to the LN_ORDERS topic. The message being sent contains information on Ticker "IBM" with a Price of 125, both of these properties are contained within the message payload itself (i.e., the message content). AMPS routes the message to Subscriber 1 because it is subscribing to all messages on the LN_ORDERS topic. Similarly, AMPS routes the message to Subscriber 2 because it is subscribed to any messages having the Ticker equal to "IBM". Subscriber 3 is looking for a different Ticker value and is not sent the message.

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