Protecting Data in Transit Using TLS/SSL

AMPS provides the ability to use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)/ Transport Layer Security (TLS) connections for communication with AMPS clients. See the Transports section in the in the AMPS Configuration Guide and the documentation for the AMPS clients for details.

AMPS uses TLS to encrypt network traffic between clients and servers. No information about the transport is passed to the AMPS authentication and entitlement system. Encryption at the network level is completely independent of the AMPS authentication and entitlement system, and these features can be used independently.

In this version of AMPS, a transport configured to use TLS defaults to accepting only TLS version 1.1 and TLS version 1.2 protocols.

It is possible to enable older protocols using the SecureSocketProtocols configuration directive. 60East recommends using the default settings unless there is a specific reason to enable older protocols and the security implications of enabling older protocols are well understood.

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