Configuring Monitoring

The AMPS monitoring interface is defined in the configuration file used on AMPS start up. Below is an example configuration of the Admin tag.

<!-- Configure the monitoring interface: this
     starts an http server in the AMPS process. -->


In this example localhost is the hostname and 8085 is the port assigned to the monitoring interface. With this configuration:


Root URI for Galvanometer.


Root URI for simple monitoring interface.

The Interval tag is used to set the update interval for the AMPS monitoring interface. In this example, statistics will be updated every 10 seconds.

By default, AMPS will store the monitoring interface database information in system memory. If the AMPS instance is going to be up for a long time, or the monitoring interface statistics interval will be updated frequently, or if this is a production system where it is important to be able to troubleshoot problems, it is strongly recommended that the FileName setting be specified to allow persistence of the data to a local file. See the AMPS Configuration Guide for more information.

The basic monitoring interface is accessible through a web browser, but also follows a Representational State Transfer (RESTful) URI style for programmatic traversal of the directory structure of the monitoring interface.

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