Statistics Collection

The basic monitoring interface is useful for examining many important aspects about an AMPS instance. This includes health and monitoring information for the AMPS engine as well as the host AMPS is running on. All of this information is designed to be easily accessible to make gathering performance and availability information from AMPS easy. The monitoring interface also provides easy access to perform administrative actions.

The root of the AMPS Monitoring interface URI contains the following child resources:

  • The host resource provides information about the current operating system state.

  • The instance resource provides information about the instance of AMPS.

  • The administration resource provides access to functions that modify the state of the instance (such as disconnecting a client).

The information in the monitoring database is taken from the statistics database for the AMPS instance. AMPS provides actions for managing the statistics database, as described in the section on the action to Truncate Statistics.

The fields provided through the basic monitoring interface (and the statistics database) are described in the AMPS Monitoring Guide.

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