Requesting Acknowledgments

Acknowledgments from the AMPS server are always optional. The AMPS clients will request acknowledgments as necessary for processing and error reporting. In addition, an application can request acknowledgments as necessary to meet the requirements of an application.

The AMPS Command Reference contains information on the acknowledgment types available for each command and the meaning of those acknowledgments.

Developer Tip: The AMPS client libraries automatically request and automatically process the acknowledgments needed for the library itself to work as expected.

An application can also request acknowledgments explicitly.

When an application explicitly requests an acknowledgment that is not conflated, the AMPS clients deliver that acknowledgment to the message handler provided on the command or message stream returned by the command.

If the acknowledgment is conflated (see the section on Acknowledgement Conflation and Publish Acknowledgements following), the application must either provide a last chance message handler or provide a global command type message handler to process acknowledgments. Because the acknowledgement will typically apply to more than one command, AMPS does not include the individual command identifiers, and the clients cannot route the message to the individual command handlers.

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