Example: Regional Distribution

AMPS is well suited for replicating messages to different regions, so clients in those regions are able to quickly receive and publish messages to a local instance. In this case, each region replicates all messages on the topic of interest to the other two regions. A variation on this strategy is to use a region tag in the content, and use content filtering so that each replicates messages intended for use in the other regions or worldwide.

For this scenario, an AMPS instance in each region replicates to an instance in the two other regions. To reduce the memory and storage required for publishers, replication between the regions uses async acknowledgment, so that once the instance in one region has persisted the message, the message is acknowledged back to the publisher.

In this case, clients in each region connect only to the AMPS instance in that region. Bandwidth within regions is conserved, because each message is replicated once to the region, regardless of how many subscribers in that region will receive the message. Further, publishers are able to publish the message once to a local instance over a relatively fast network connection rather than having to publish messages multiple times to multiple regions.

To configure this scenario, the AMPS instance in each region are configured to forward messages to known instances in the other two regions.

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