Installing the Service

AMPS includes a shell script that installs the service. The shell script is included in the bin directory of your AMPS installation. Run the script with root permission, as follows:

$ sudo ./

This script does the following installation work:

  • Installs the AMPS distribution into /opt/amps.

  • Creates the /opt/etc/amps directory if it does not already exist. By default, the daemon uses an AMPS configuration file at /opt/etc/amps/config.xml.

  • Installs the service management scripts. Depending on the init system the script detects on your system, this will either be a System V style script located at /etc/init.d/amps or a SystemD service definition file named amps.service installed under /usr/lib/systemd/.

  • Updates the service management infrastructure to register AMPS as a service and configure the service to start on startup. The exact steps that the script takes to do this depend on the init system detected.

In addition, you must copy the AMPS configuration file for the instance to: /opt/etc/amps/config.xml.

You can only run one instance of AMPS as a service on a system at a given time using this script. AMPS does not enforce any restriction on how many instances can be run on the system at the same time through other means, but this script is designed to manage a single instance running as a service.

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