Galvanometer and RESTful Statistics

When the Admin interface is configured (as it is in the sample configuration), you can get information about the state of the AMPS instance using either the Galvanometer monitoring tool or the RESTful interface to the AMPS statistics.

The Galvanometer is a Javascript-based application that runs in your browser and provides a visualization of the data provided by the RESTful interface. The Galvanometer also includes a lightweight read-only AMPS client application, based on the Javascript client library.

The RESTFul admin interface is a lightweight view of the statistics database that AMPS maintains.

These two interfaces are available at the following URIs:




RESTful Statistics


In the URIs above, <host> is the host the AMPS instance is running on and <port> is the administration port configured in the configuration file (this is 8085 in the sample configuration).

Monitoring applications typically collect information from the RESTful statistics interface. Interactive or ad hoc monitoring can use either the Galvanometer, or the interface offered by the monitoring application in use locally once the statistics are collected.

For more information on the monitoring capabilities available in AMPS, see the chapter on Monitoring AMPS in the AMPS user guide. For detailed information on the statistics available, see the AMPS Monitoring Guide.

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