Installing AMPS

Installing AMPS

On the 60East website at the current release of AMPS is available for evaluation download.

To get started, download the Linux installation to a directory on your Linux system.

Installing AMPS is simply a matter of unpacking the distribution. The distribution contains the complete set of libraries and dependencies needed to run the AMPS server on a typical Linux server distribution. No additional software or packages are necessary for the server itself.

To install AMPS, unpack the distribution in the directory where you want the binaries and libraries to be stored. For the remainder of this guide, the installation directory will be referred to as $AMPSDIR as if an environment variable with that name was set to the correct path.

Within $AMPSDIR are the following sub-directories:




AMPS engine binaries and utilities




Library dependencies


Include files for the AMPS extension API

AMPS client libraries are available as a separate download from the AMPS web site. See the AMPS developer page at to download the latest libraries.

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