Configuring the Service

When running as a service, the following considerations apply to the configuration file:

AMPS Logging

60East recommends logging the most important AMPS messages to syslog when running as a service. For example, the following configuration file snippet logs messages of warning level and above to the system log:


60East does not recommend logging a level lower than warning to syslog, since an active AMPS instance can produce a large volume of messages.

File Paths

When running as a service, file paths in the configuration file also require attention. In particular:

  • For simplicity, use absolute paths for all file paths in the configuration file.

  • Consider startup order, and ensure that any devices that AMPS uses are mounted before AMPS starts.

  • As with any other AMPS installation, it's also important to estimate the amount of storage space AMPS requires and ensure that the device where AMPS stores files has the needed capacity.

Configuration File Location

The AMPS service scripts require the configuration file to be located at: /opt/etc/amps/config.xml.

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