Find Bookmark or Transaction ID in Transaction Log

The AMPS journal search utility is used to locate entries in an AMPS journal file. The amps_journal_search utility is most commonly used as a tool to debug issues with applications that use AMPS, particularly in cases where it is unclear at what point in time a given message was received by AMPS. The amps_journal_search tool can be used to find the precise journal file that contains a given message.

Command Line Options

The amps_journal_search program includes the following options. The options available can be printed to the screen by typing amps_journal_search --help.



filename (required)

Filename of the AMPS journal file.

-h, --help

Show the program help message and quit.


The bookmark or transaction id to locate.

When a <search-pattern> is provided, the utility searches the record metadata, but does not search the message data.

-d <search-string>, --data <search-string>

Locate messages that contain the data in <search-string>.

If <search-string> is a bookmark, also includes records matching the bookmark.


Search metadata for the provided topic term.


Do not provide message data in the output.

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