Software Requirements

The AMPS server is supported on the following platforms:

  • Linux 64-bit (2.6 kernel or later) on x86 compatible processors

While 2.6 is the minimum kernel version supported, AMPS will select the most efficient mechanisms available to it and as a result, reaps greater benefit from more recent kernel and CPU versions.

The AMPS distribution contains all of the supporting libraries and dependencies needed to run on a typical Linux server installation: no further software is required.

Some utilities provided with the AMPS server have additional dependencies. These utilities are not required to run the server, but can make it easier to troubleshoot and test on the system that hosts the AMPS instance:

  • spark, a basic command line client that supports a subset of AMPS functionality, requires Java 1.7 or later.

  • The utilities for inspecting AMPS files (amps_sow_dump, amps_clients_ack_dump, and so on) require a Python installation.

  • amps-grep requires a Python installation.

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