Technical Support

For an outline of your specific support policies, please see your 60East Technologies License Agreement. Support contracts can be purchased through your 60East Technologies account representative.

Support Steps

You can save time if you complete the following steps before you contact 60East Technologies Support:

  1. Check the documentation

    The problem may already be solved and documented in the User Guide or Configuration Reference Guide for the product. 60East Technologies also provides answers to frequently asked support questions on the support website at:

  2. Isolate the problem

    If you require Support Services, please isolate the problem to the smallest test case possible. Capture erroneous output into a text file along with the commands used to generate the errors.

  3. Collect your information

    • Your product version number.

    • Your operating system and its kernel version number.

    • The expected behavior, observed behavior and all input used to reproduce the problem.

    • Submit your request.

    • If you have a minidump file, be sure to include that in your email to

The AMPS version number used when reporting your product version number follows a format listed below. The version number is composed of the following:


AMPS Versioning and Certification

Each AMPS version number component has the following breakdown:

The certification levels are defined in the following table. Notice that, in all cases, 60East will certify at a higher level if time permits or if a change involves a critical part of AMPS (such as replication or internal utility classes that are widely used).

Contacting 60East Technologies Support

Please contact 60East Technologies Support Services according to the terms of your 60East Technologies License Agreement.

Support is offered through the United States:

Other support options (such as support via phone), may be available depending on the terms of your support agreement.

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