Reading Replication Log Messages

For replication connections, the replication source creates a client name that it uses to connect to the downstream instance. This client name contains the source, destination, sync setting, and protocol for the connection. The client name uses the following format:


Notice, however, that this is a client name. The client name is the name used for the connection, but it does not indicate the direction of any particular message. As an example, consider a client name of:


This client name is used for a connection that the AMPS instance named OrderServer has made to the AMPS instance named HotBackup. The connection uses the amps-replication protocol, and was configured for synchronous replication at the time the client connected. In this case, a message like the following:

12-1002 client[OrderServer!HotBackup!sync!amps-replication] replication ack received: publish ack

means that a publish acknowledgment was received on the connection that OrderServer made to HotBackup.

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