Scenario and Feature Reference

This section describes common AMPS scenarios and lists the AMPS features most commonly used to build applications in those scenarios.

Scenario and Feature Reference

AMPS offers a wide array of messaging features to solve a variety of messaging scenarios. This section presents some basic mappings between common messaging scenarios and the AMPS features that support those scenarios. Of course, this list is just a sampling of the types of applications that use AMPS.

ScenarioAMPS Feature(s)

Simple, low-latency publish and subscribe (many to many messaging) with no need to persist messages.

Ad hoc Publish and Subscribe

Publish and subscribe with a replayable audit trail.

Transaction Log and Bookmark Subscription

Snapshot of the current state of a set of messages (for example, graphing the elapsed time for all pending orders).

State of the World (SOW)

Creating a view server that aggregates information about a high-velocity data feed for reporting.

State of the World (SOW)

Views and Aggregation

Transaction Log and Replication

Snapshot of the current state of a set of messages followed by updates to those messages (for example, showing the current status of a set of orders when a UI starts and then showing real-time updates to those messages).

State of the World (SOW)

SOW and Subscribe from client application

Ensuring that a given message is processed once, by a single subscriber (for example, a workload distribution system).

Message Queues (Queues use the Transaction Log)

Replaying messages from a point in time.

Transaction Log and Bookmark Subscription

Transforming messages as they are published to AMPS.

State of the World (SOW) and Enrichment

Producing aggregate data for a stream of messages.

State of the World (SOW) and Views or Aggregated Subscriptions

Coordinating work across a set of independent workers who are each assigned discrete tasks.

Message Queues

Dividing work among a set of workers who each update a portion of a record.

State of the World (SOW) and Delta Publish

Providing highly available messaging with multiple servers providing failover.

Transaction Log and Replication

The scenarios above describe just a few of the more common scenarios in which AMPS is used. For messaging scenarios that aren't described above, contact 60East at for advice and guidance.

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