Getting Started With AMPS

Crank Up the AMPS

This chapter is for users who are new to AMPS and want to quickly get a simple instance of AMPS running. This chapter will describe how to install AMPS on a Linux system, describe the layout of the AMPS distribution, and use the included spark command line AMPS client to send and receive a simple message. If you are on a Windows system without easy access to a Linux installation, a section at the end of the chapter includes information on configuring a Linux virtual machine.

This section covers the following topics:


Basic information on installing the AMPS server.

Information on running the server, including a description of the command line options for the server.

A brief description of the JSON format, which is used for the examples in this introduction.

An introduction to the basic command-line client included in the AMPS distribution.

AMPS runs on x64 Linux. This section describes how to install a development or evaluation system on Windows or MacOS

This section describes the monitoring interfaces provided for the AMPS server.

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