AMPS C/C++ Client Class Reference
AMPS C/C++ Client Version
Deprecated List
Member AMPS::Client::setExceptionListener (const ExceptionListener &listener_)
Use setExceptionListener(std::shared_ptr<const ExceptionListener>&) Sets the exception listener for exceptions that are not thrown back to the user (for example, exceptions that are thrown from a MessageHandler running on the client receive thread.) 60East strongly recommends setting this callback if an application uses asynchronous message processing (that is, provides message handler callbacks).
Member AMPS::Client::setUnhandledMessageHandler (const AMPS::MessageHandler &messageHandler)
. Use setLastChanceMessageHandler
Member AMPS::Client::startTimer ()
As of AMPS server start_timer is not valid.
Member AMPS::Client::stopTimer (const MessageHandler &messageHandler)
As of AMPS server stop_timer is not valid.
Member AMPS::HAClient::gatherConnectionInfo () const
Use getConnectionInfo().
Member AMPS::Message::getRawTransmissionTime (const char **dataptr, size_t *sizeptr) const
Use getRawTimestamp.
Member AMPS::Message::getTransmissionTime () const
Use getTimestamp.