Working With Configuration Files

The AMPS Configuration Guide includes a listing of all AMPS configuration parameters. AMPS provides a command line option to help an administrator quickly set up an AMPS server. In addition to the quick setup discussed in Installing and Starting AMPS, AMPS also provides the following command line options to create a basic XML configuration file. Running the following command will create a configuration file named config.xml. The generated file is a bare-bones configuration that allows AMPS to start, process JSON messages, and provide monitoring through the admin interface.

ampServer --sample-config > config.xml

The AMPS server also provides the ability to perform basic validation of the config file, using the --verify-config flag.

ampServer --verify-config config.xml

The validation process checks for errors in the configuration that would prevent AMPS from starting, and reports warnings and informational messages about the configuration file. However, the validation process does not ensure that the configuration file provided is suitable for any particular purpose.

When a configuration file uses the Include directive or uses environment variable substitution, it can be useful to produce a fully expanded file. AMPS provides a --dump-config flag for this purpose. The command produces the fully expanded file to standard output.

ampServer --dump-config config.xml  > expanded.xml

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