Execute System Command

The amps-action-do-execute-system module allows AMPS to execute system commands.

The parameter for this module is simply the command. The command executes in the current working directory of the AMPS process, with the credentials and environment of the AMPS process.

The thread used to execute the command is monitored by AMPS thread monitoring. This means that the command must complete within a short period of time (on the order of a second or two at the longest) or AMPS may consider the thread to have become deadlocked.



The command to execute.

When the action runs, this command is executed as a shell command on the system where AMPS is running.

This module does not add any variables to the AMPS context.

This module executes system commands with the credentials of the AMPS process. It is possible to damage the system, interrupt the AMPS service, or cause data loss by executing commands with this module. 60East recommends against using any data extracted from an AMPS message in the command executed.

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