Statistics Types

AMPS collects statistics in several different ways. For each individual statistic, understanding how the number is collected and calculated -- that is, which type of statistic you are working with -- is important for accurately understanding the statistic.

The table below lists the statistics types in AMPS:




Statistics are cumulative since the instance was started (for example, the number of bytes AMPS has sent over a given network interface since the instance started).


Information that is fixed for the lifetime of the instance (for example, the process ID of the AMPS server).


The value of a metric at a specific point in time (for example, the number of active subscriptions for a client at a particular moment).

Interval Average

Average computed for this statistics interval (for example, the number of bytes sent per second on a given network interface for the last statistics interval).

Running Average

Average computed since the instance was started (for example, the conflation ratio for a conflated topic).

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