Production Configuration

To create a production configuration of AMPS, you configure the instance to meet the needs of the application (or applications) that will use the instance.

An overview of the most commonly used features is available in the Introduction to AMPS guide. This guide, the AMPS User Guide, describes the features in detail. The AMPS Configuration Guide lists the required and optional configuration for each feature.

Typically, all instances of AMPS will configure:

The ampServer binary will produce a minimal sample configuration to stdout if it is run with the --sample-config flag that shows a minimum configuration. Options that require site-specific information (for example, the path to the statistics database or log files) are commented out in the sample.

Instances of AMPS may then add configuration to take advantage of advanced messaging features (such as the State of the World, Aggregation and Analytics, the ability to Record and Replay Messages, and so on), to add resiliency by Replicating Messages Between Instances (typically required for Highly Available AMPS Installations), and so on.

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