Publishing to AMPS

This section describes commands used to send data to AMPS.

Notice that, for topics in the state of the world, AMPS treats these commands as inserting a new message if one does not already exist, and updating the existing message if a message already exists.

For topics in the transaction log, each publish or delta_publish will store the current message in the transaction log, just as it would be delivered to subscribers.

The table below lists the commands used to send messages to AMPS.


Send a message to AMPS.

Send a partial message to AMPS. If a previous state for the message exists in the SOW Topic this message is published to, update the fields that are not NULL in this message, ignore fields that are NULL (including missing fields) in this message. For publishes to topics that are not defined as a SOW Topic, there is no difference between this command and publish.

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