On a Schedule

AMPS provides the amps-action-on-schedule module for running actions on a specified schedule.

The options provided to the module define the schedule on which AMPS will run the actions in the Do element.


Every (required)

Specifies a recurring action that runs whenever the time matches the provided specification. Specifications can take three forms:

1. Timer action - a specification that is simply a duration, such as 4h or 1d, creates a timer action. AMPS starts the timer when the instance starts. When the timer expires, AMPS runs the action and resets the timer.

2. Daily action - a specification that is a time of day, such as 00:32 or 17:47, creates a daily action. AMPS runs the action every day at the specified time. AMPS uses a 24 hour notation for daily actions.

3. Weekly action - a specification that includes a day of the week and a time, such as Saturday at 11:00 or Wednesday at 03:32, creates a weekly action. AMPS runs the action each week on the day specified, at the time specified. AMPS uses a 24 hour notation for weekly actions.

AMPS accepts both local time and UTC for time specifications. To use UTC, append a Z to the time specifier. For example, the time specification 11:32 is 11:32 AM local time. The time specification 11:32Z is 11:32 AM UTC.


The name of the schedule. This name appears in log messages related to this schedule.

Default: unknown

This module does not add any variables to the AMPS context.

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