Truncate Statistics

AMPS provides the following modules for managing the statistics database. As a maintenance strategy, 60East recommends truncating statistics on a regular basis. This frees space in the database file, which will be reused as new statistics are generated. It is generally not necessary to vacuum statistics unless you have changed your retention policy so that less data is retained between truncation operations. With regular truncation, the statistics database file will usually stabilize at the correct size to hold the amount of data your application generates between truncation operations.

AMPS loads these modules by default.

Module NameUsage


Removes statistics that are older than a specified age.

This frees space in the statistics file, but does not reduce the size of the file.



This action has been deprecated in current versions of AMPS and will no longer vacuum statistics. 60East recommends offline maintenance of the statistics database instead.

See the section on AMPS Statistics, in the AMPS User Guide, for details on shrinking the size of a statistics database.

The amps-action-do-truncate-statistics module requires an Age parameter that specifies the age of the statistics to process.


Age (required)

Specifies the age of the statistics to remove. The module processes any file older than the specified Age. For example, when the Age is 5d, the module removes statistics that are older than 5 days.

There is no default for this parameter.

These modules do not add any variables to the AMPS context.

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