Logging to a Compressed File

Logging to a Compressed File

AMPS supports logging to compressed files as well. This is useful when trying to maintain a smaller logging footprint. Compressed file logging targets are the same as regular file targets except for the following:

  • The Protocol value is gzip instead of file.

  • The log file is written with gzip compression.

  • The RotationThreshold is metered off of the uncompressed log messages.

  • Makes a trade off between a small increase in CPU utilization for a potentially large savings in logging footprint.


The following logging target definition would place a log file with a name constructed from the timestamp and current log rotation number in the ./logs subdirectory. The first log would have a name similar to ./logs/20121223125959-0.log.gz and would store up to 2GB of uncompressed log messages before creating the next log file named ./logs/201212240232-1.log.gz.


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