On Client Offline Message Buffering

AMPS provides modules to run actions when an AMPS client is marked as a slow client and also for when the AMPS client catches up to no longer be subject to slow client offlining.

Slow client offlining is a feature in AMPS that reduces the memory resources consumed by slow clients. More on this feature can be found in Slow Client Management and Capacity Limits.

The amps-action-on-offline-start module runs actions as the first step when AMPS's result set reaches its disk limit and has to disconnect the client. The amps-action-on-offline-stop module runs actions as AMPS is no longer subject to slow client offlining.

In both cases, actions run in the order that the actions appear in the configuration file.

Both modules do not require any parameters.

Both modules add the following variables to the AMPS context:



The name of the AMPS client.


The name of the AMPS connection.

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