AMPS C/C++ Client Class Reference
AMPS C/C++ Client Version
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 amps.hCore type and function declarations for the AMPS C client
 ampsplusplus.hppCore type, function, and class declarations for the AMPS C++ client
 BlockPublishStore.hppProvides AMPS::BlockPublishStore, a concrete implementation of a store that breaks the allocated storage into blocks
 BlockStore.hppProvides AMPS::BlockStore, a class for storing Blocks of a fixed size into a Buffer implementation
 Buffer.hppProvides AMPS::Buffer, an abstract base class used by the store implementations in the AMPS client
 DefaultServerChooser.hppProvides AMPS::DefaultServerChooser, a simple server chooser that implements basic round-robin failover
 Field.hppDefines the AMPS::Field class, which represents the value of a field in a message
 HAClient.hppDefines AMPS::HAClient, a client that can provide failover, durable publication, and resumable subscriptions
 HybridPublishStore.hppProvides AMPS::HybridPublishStore, a publish store that uses memory up to a specified maximum capacity then writes to a file if the store will exceed that capacity
 LoggedBookmarkStore.hppProvides AMPS::LoggedBookmarkStore, a bookmark store that uses a file to track received messages
 MemoryBookmarkStore.hppProvides AMPS::MemoryBookmarkStore, a bookmark store that holds bookmarks in memory
 MemoryPublishStore.hppProvides AMPS::MemoryPublishStore, a publish store that holds messages in memory
 MemoryStoreBuffer.hppProvides AMPS::MemoryStoreBuffer, used by an AMPS::HAClient to store messages in memory
 MemorySubscriptionManager.hppProvides AMPS::MemorySubscriptionManager, used by an AMPS::HAClient to resubmit subscriptions if connectivity is lost while the application is running
 Message.hppDefines the AMPS::Message class and related classes
 MMapBookmarkStore.hppProvides AMPS::MMapBookmarkStore, a bookmark store that uses a memory mapped file to provide efficient message tracking that persists across application restarts
 MMapStoreBuffer.hppProvides AMPS::MMapStoreBuffer, an AMPS::Buffer implementation used by the AMPS::MMapBookmarkStore
 PublishStore.hppProvides AMPS::PublishStore, a publish store that uses memory-mapped files to provide a publish store that persists across application restarts
 ReconnectDelayStrategy.hppProvides AMPS::ReconnectDelayStrategy, called by an AMPS::HAClient to determine how long to wait between attempts to connect or reconnect to a server
 RecoveryPoint.hppProvides AMPS::RecoveryPoint, AMPS::RecoveryPointFactory, AMPS::FixedRecoveryPoint, and AMPS::DynamicRecoveryPoint
 RecoveryPointAdapter.hppProvides AMPS::RecoveryPointAdapter, an iterface for implementing external storage of bookmark subscription recovery data and for recovering from that external storage
 RingBookmarkStore.hppProvides AMPS::RingBookmarkStore, a bookmark store that stores only the MOST_RECENT bookmark to a file and keeps any bookmarks later than the most recent in memory
 ServerChooser.hppProvides AMPS::ServerChooser, the abstract base class that defines the interface that an AMPS::HAClient uses for determining which server to connect to